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How It Works

Our ultimate goal is always to deliver first page rankings and increased relevant traffic to our client’s websites. To ensure that they always receive the best possible results, we regularly monitor and adjust our approach.

1. Understanding

We start by connecting the dots: a deep dive of your business goals and accessing your current situation to quickly recognize what’s working and more importantly what’s not.

Next up, we review your needs and digital goals before we deliver a comprehensive analysis and review of your business to push your business to the top of search engines.

2. Planning

Keeping your digital goals in mind, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your industry and your competitors. This is the key for your business improvement strategy. It’s all about having the upper hand, and getting you the customers you deserve

With a full report of your business in hand, we create a streamlined strategy for your business with realistic milestones and an achievable schedule that will take your business where you want it to be… ahead.

Having finalized the SEO plan and the required budget, we construct Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that help lay out a clear path to measure success.

3. Improving

This is where you sit back and let us handle the work. Our team of marketing experts, outreach specialists, and writers will work together to execute the strategies we have formulated for your brand.

As we meet the milestones one after another, the web traffic and site rankings will increase organically. Eventually, it will lead to substantial growth in the number of relevant leads. Thereby, boosting your sales – it might seem like magic, but it’s just Gradualli.

4. Maintaining

When all the KPIs are met and you’re among the leaders in your niche, it’s time to celebrate. And we’ll celebrate your success with you.

But after you get on top, you need to stay on top.

By this time, we have successfully understood, planned, and improved your business. Our next task is to ensure that you stay on top. This includes monitoring & maintaining your site rankings, and making sure that the first website your potential clients see is yours.

There’s a reason why we have a 100% client retention rate. We don’t just release your business into the wild, we keep helping your brand grow bigger than before. And along the journey, we ensure there are several causes for a celebration.

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Still have doubts? Read these case studies to learn more about how we have shaped the future of multiple brands with our expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is different, and has their own goals, competition, and industry landscape. Results can vary from 1 to 16 months. For smaller industries, we have achieved results in less than 3 months. For a detailed analysis, please contact us.

We’re qualified, certified, experienced, transparent and passionate to help understand and promote your business. But more than that, it’s all about chemistry, and we have plenty of it. Our services is dedicated to assist various kinds of businesses with our expertise (as we have with hundreds of our clients who have achieved high levels of success with our assistance!).

In order for us to deliver the highest quality of service, attention to detail and focused creativity to help your business, we only work with a selected amount of clients, & we always make sure that we’re a good fit. Our selection method is careful, precise, and reasonable.

Simply put, no. The science of search engine algorithms is complex and goes through daily changes, and we would remind you to be wary of SEO agencies who promise you that they can work against this. If you look through the case studies and client reviews on our website, you will find that we always come through. Having said that, our top level SEO experts makes sure that your business will rank higher in search engines and receives the attention and engagement it deserves.
We work with true, trusted, and transparent methods. As such, we do not believe or practice Black Hat Tactics to achieve temporary results and will be at a cost to your website health in the long term. With an organic and gradual process, your business will have an effective growth, earns you authority and keeps your website health the top priority.
Every business is special, and has their own goals and targets. Our service will asses the industry and your competitors, and find a suitable pricing for your business. Other than that, we charge a monthly retainer in accordance to the number of hours our team spends working on getting your business ahead.